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9/10/2012: Don't Teach a Man to Fish, Ask Him What he Needs

The Huffington Post article features the story of Jacquie Green - FINCA Canada Board Member - who made a stand against poverty and the disdainful attitudes about women that help perpetuate it. Jacquie is not telling her story - she’s asking you to make your own.

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3/28/2012: The Guardian: Is microfinance an engine of development? FINCA says yes

1/10/2012: FINCA's Rupert Scofield Profiled in LIFESTYLES Magazine

LIFESTYLES Magazine has published an in-depth and engaging profile of Rupert Scofield entitled "The People's Bank: FINCA's Rupert Scofield is out to prove that small loans can go a long way." The article captures Rupert's "palpable enthusiasm," and provides the reader with a nicely woven tapestry of his personal and professional histories. 

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12/29/2011: A Biography Channel feature about the life and career of FINCA Ambassador of Hope Natalie Portman showcases her work on behalf of FINCA's programs worldwide.

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11/22/2011: FINCA Goodwill Envoy Zoe Saldana is one of In Style Magazines Shining Stars for 2011 for her work on behalf of Lend A Hand. In the feature, Zoe talks about visiting with FINCA Haiti clients and taking strength from their determination and resilient spirits.

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November 14, 2011 starts the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. FINCA's President & CEO's decades of experience in the field of social entrepreneurship is an influential voice during this week-long, worldwide celebration of social innovation. His voice is being heard on two powerful online social innovation and entrepreneurship sites:

  • The Washington Post's newly launched On Giving Innovations website, where voices from across a wide spectrum share their thoughts and opinions about philanthropy and social entrepreneurship

  • The ONE blog, the online discussion site for the ONE Campaign, a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa, by raising public awareness and pressuring political leaders to support smart and effective policies and programs that are saving lives, helping to put kids in school and improving futures.


7/7/2011: How did FINCA become one of the world’s leading microfinance organizations?
Three-part video series for the UK's Telegraph provides all the answers


6/26/2011: FINCA Featured in Financial Times


Natalie Portman Promotes FINCA in Sky Magazine
FINCA Ambassador of Hope Natalie Portman urges support for the Village Banking Campaign in the January 2010 issue of Delta Airlines’ Sky Magazine, which reaches 11.7 million flyers each month and is the largest in-flight magazine in the world. Natalie says, “FINCA provides women in developing nations with small loans to start their own businesses. It’s a wonderful, sustainable way to help women take pride in improving their own lives.”


USAID Newsletter features FINCA Program to Improve Rural Clients’ Access to Financial Services with Prepaid Cards: "With the goal of increasing access to financial services for very poor and rural populations, FINCA International carried out a USAID-funded Financial Services Implementation Grant Program project over the past three years among its clients in Mexico. Having designed a prepaid card as a means to provide convenient, secure and quick access to loans, FINCA began piloting this "Cheque Inteligente" among its clients in May 2009. With the successful conclusion of the pilot testing, the project is now in scale-up mode, and FINCA plans to offer the card to all of its more than 115,000 clients in Mexico." Read more...


MSNBC: Natalie Portman talks about the importance of FINCA's work and her role as Ambassador of Hope, and also conveys her touching remembrance of an encounter with one of our clients during her visit to FINCA Mexico. August 18, 2009

Natalie Portman with members of a FINCA Uganda Village Banking group in Jinga, Uganda, in July 2007


New York Times Magazine cover features Ambassador of Hope Natalie Portman and FINCA Mexico client Martha Villasenor. The cover story of the special issue on philanthropy focuses on Portman and her years of work for FINCA. March 9, 2008 Natalie Portman and FINCA Mexico Client

Jordan Times: Jordan's Queen Rania Al-Abdullah officially inaugurated FINCA Jordan, which made its first loans on November 18, and met with clients and staff. February 25, 2008



Sunday Times of London: FINCA's Ambassador of Hope Natalie Portman discusses her support for FINCA, her films, her friendships, and more. February 24, 2008

Los Angeles Times: In a major story entitled "Some Serious Giving," on the support of "young Hollywood" for charitable causes, FINCA's Ambassador of Hope Natalie Portman is setting the pace by visiting FINCA programs to meet with clients and staff and helping FINCA reach out to young people, with visits to universities and her iTunes compilation album, net proceeds of which benefit FINCA: "For young Hollywood, walking the walk requires getting some mud on your shoes." November 25, 2007


Glamour Magazine: "Working with FINCA," Natalie Portman say, has changed my perspective in so many ways. When a woman starts a business, she can support herself, kick out her man if he beats her and educate her kids. It's inspiring." January 2008 issue


Entertainment Weekly: "Natalie Portman Sounds Off: The star talks about using her love of music, her rockin' friends (the Shins, Beirut, Norah Jones, Devendra Banhart), and her own cred to promote poverty relief." FINCA' s Ambassador of Hope has put together Big Change: Songs for FINCA, a $7.99 album launched on October 30 and available exclusively through iTunes; net proceeds benefit FINCA. October 25, 2007.



October 2007: FINCA Ambassador of Hope Natalie Portman is visiting university campuses to inspire students with the power of microfinance and to encourage them to join the Village Banking Campaign to help families and communities lift themselves out of poverty. Read about her visits to her alma mater HarvardColumbiaUC BerkeleyStanford, Princeton, New York University, and UCLA  in the university newpapers. Her visit to Stanford was also covered by E! Entertainment Online - The Hum Blog.


Reuters: MySpace will let FINCA and other nonprofits raise money through its new MySpace Impact Channel in a service developed with PayPal, October 4, 2007.


Embassy of the US in Guatemala: US Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns visited FINCA Guatemala and met with clients who have used FINCA loans to build their small farming businesses. He praised FINCA’s partnership with USDA’s Food for Progress program, which has enabled FINCA to provide loans to nearly 60,000 rural entrepreneurs in Ecuador, Georgia, Guatemala, Uganda and Zambia. Two projects in the works will benefit clients in Nicaragua and Tanzania. September 6, 2007


Bloomberg: Natalie Portman, AIG Promote FINCA's Microcredit for Destitute, May 9, 2007 

USA Today: Natalie Portman, "a fierce voice for world's poor," May 4, 2007



Philadelphia Inquirer: "Portman, a serious force," May 4, 2007


NBC's Today: "Queen Rania of Jordan discusses microfinancing, a concept to help poor people start businesses," with co-host Meredith Viera, May 3, 2007


Financial Times Lauds Launch of Village Banking Campaign, New York, May 3, 2007

Agence France Presse: "Jordan's Queen Rania joins microcredit campaign to fight poverty," May 2, 2007


Entertainment Weekly: "Banking on Natalie Portman's Passion," the actress tells about her work for FINCA. "Portman Endorses Microloans for Women," April 30, 2007



Wall Street Journal highlights FINCA’s Pioneering Microinsurance Strategic Alliance with AIG, February 12, 2007

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